If you don’t want to reside in the halls, The Student Village is the solution

The perfect solution to a life, study and rest balance

The Student Village is usually located in the heart of the campus. Studies show students who live on campus are more involved in campus life and more likely to complete their education and perform better than those who live off campus. Our Student Village makes this possible.

What makes a village? Need a village for your establishment?

Meet our residents

Here are a few comments from students who have spent a term in The Student Village

"I love that I am close to all my friends and I have my own personal space including en-suite bathroom"

"I love having my own personal space to do my own thing but with my friends just there if I want to socialise."

"The beds are really comfy, it's a good job I live on campus, that extra half hour is golden"

"With WiFi in my Student Sleeper I can get all my work done and then catch up on Facebook"

"The walls are magnetic so I can personalise my room without worrying about the 'no blue-tack' rule"