About Us

The Student Village Parent Company’s origins can be traced back to 1979. We are a family of engineers who started out making portable buildings and then developing temporary sleeping accommodation for the construction and event industries. We supply facility units throughout Great Britain for small and large sites alike and provide accommodation solutions to most of the events industry including Glastonbury and Leeds Festivals for over 15 years.

In 2009 we were asked to design a solution that could accommodate students for the short or long term, ensuring students could live on campus even if the Halls of Residence were full. After a number of years of student feedback, we have developed the ideal student sleepers with optional units, These include vinyl wrapped facias, diners, launderette and chill out communal areas and all can be encompassed with a canopy and decking – all the components that form The Student Village.

Watch this space for future Student Village components and other student requests. Feel free to drop us your feedback on our feedback page.